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Pro Boxing® Heritage Series Leather Training Gloves

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Pro Boxing® Heritage Series Gloves

Get the top protection while representing your favorite country!

Top-grade genuine leather provides ultimate durability.

Equipped with a full leather wrist strap for extra wrist support that prevents injury when sparring or hitting the punching bag.

Multi-Layer Interior Foam gives superior absorbtion while providing extra comfort.

Increase precision bag work with complete comfort and wrist stability.

120 - 160 lbs 12-14 oz. 6″ - 7½″
160 - 240 lbs 14-16 oz. 7¼″ - 8½″
over 210 lbs 16 - 18 oz. 8¼″ - 9¾″
*User should measure the circumference around their palm across the knuckles